Tuesday, 30 August 2016

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Learn to Paint Watercolor Flowers Inspired by Vera Neumann

Have you tried painting flowers in watercolor? Watercolor is a soft medium and it always excites young artists to color…

Takashi Murakami Style of Pop Art

Jim Dine Art Lesson For Kids

Keith Haring Inspired Art Lessons for kids

Ted Harrison’s Style of Landscape

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8 Essential Art Supplies Kids Need for Acrylic Painting

Have the acrylic art supplies ready for your children so that they can start beautiful paintings with acrylic.  Every art…

How To Choose Your Acrylic Brushes

8 Tips To Store Acrylic Paints

Art Material Checklist For Watercolor Painting

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Children’s Drawing Competitions in India

There are many drawing competitions that are held for school children every year in India. The institutes and companies organise…

9 Ways You Can Support Your Child Paint

8 International Art Contests That Kids Can Participate

9 Tips To Preserve Kids Art

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Have Fun With Poetry

Poetry is fun and kids love them. Children start by…
Illustrations Help Children Be Better Writers

Kids draw before they write. And as they grow old…
Play Story Writing Games with Kids

We all realize that being able to write well is…